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4 carriers sharing a monopole

2 carriers on a warehouse

Cricket monopole

ATTWS antennas on a shopping center

Cingular monopole

ATTWS antennas on an office building

Cingular antennas on the Nevada Bell building

Cricket "flagpole"

Cricket monopole

Antennas mounted on field lights at Reed High School

ATTWS antennas disguized on shopping center facade

3 carriers on an office building

Cingular antennas atop a restaurant

ATTWS antennas disguized on a building

Sprint antennas side mounted atop a college dormatory

ATTWS antennas mounted on the side of a hotel/casino

Sprint antennas mounted on a utility pole

Sprint antennas mounted on a shopping center

Cricket monopole

2 carriers atop a medical office building

Sprint side-mounted antennas on the National Bowling Stadium

Cingular monopole at a gas station

Cricket monopole/light standard

ATTWS monopole/light standard

3 carriers on a hillside monopole

Cricket monopole

Sprint clock tower/cellsite

ATTWS rural omni site

3 carriers on a hilltop in Stead

2 carriers on a monopole

ATTWS atop UNR Business Building

Verizon atop a shopping center

ATTWS atop a warehouse

Nextel equipment shelter on top of office building

ATTWS atop an office building

Sprint on the Sprint building

Cingular sharing the NHP microwave tower

Antenna farm atop a Skyline office building

2 carriers atop the Ponderosa Hotel

"Monopine" tree with 2 carriers

Cingular monopole in Washoe Valley

2 carriers on an office building in Carson City

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