Submit dead zone / drop-out areas

I have just completed the “Dead Zone” pages that lists previously reported dead zone and drop-out areas. More importantly, anyone can now submit their own experiences with dead zones or drop-outs via our online form. See the Dead Zone link at the top of the page.

To prevent spam all submissions are moderated, but should appear on the web site within 24 hours.

Thank you for your participation. With the help of user reports, hopefully the wireless carriers will act quickly on this information and fill coverage holes where needed.

2 Responses to “Submit dead zone / drop-out areas”

  1. RonSilver said,

    There is a dead zone/Bad handoff in the West Fallon when going along Highway 50 We have 2 Cingular phones. The dead zone can occurr on one or both phones just West of the New WalMart It is a mile or so long.

  2. Admin said,

    ^^ I beleive that area is served by T-Mobile roaming – or is that native at&t/Cingular coverage there?

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