New Sprint/Nextel cell site in Virginia City

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A new Sprint/Nextel cell site in Virginia City was confirmed last weekend. The antennas are disguised in a gray monopole/flag pole on the south end of the city near Gold Hill.

Sprint-Nextel flagpole Virginia City

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2 Responses to “New Sprint/Nextel cell site in Virginia City”

  1. Larry Thomas said,

    Does this one have both CDMA and IDEN? Very few flagpoles are synergy sites but this one looks like it’s tall enough to house both.

  2. Admin said,

    I first discovered the planned construction of this site from the FCC ASR website last year. The applicant was listed as Nextel. When I was in Virginia City last weekend I did not have a Nextel phone, but I had a Sprint phone – in which I confirmed there’s definitely a Sprint signal coming from the site. The building looks like a typical Nextel structure. The closest I got to the site was what you see in the picture – zoomed in on my digital camera.

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