AT&T phones begin showing “3G” data speeds in the Reno area

Filed under: at&t - Oct 23 2007

In the past few days we’ve had reports of AT&T 3G capable phones showing the “3G” icon, instead of the “E” (Edge) icon throughout the Reno area. AT&T advertises average data speeds of 400-700 Kbps on their 3G, HSDPA network.

When AT&T officially launches 3G wireless service in the Reno area, they will join Sprint, Verizon and Clearwire who already offer 3G wireless broadband speeds in the Reno area.

One Response to “AT&T phones begin showing “3G” data speeds in the Reno area”

  1. Lou said,

    Yes, in East Sparks area (Vista Corridor near I-80), at&t 3G coverage has suddenly replaced the Edge network. It is much faster. Of course the dead zone comes into play when moving over the hill toward Disc Dr all the way to N. Los Altos.

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