Reno wireless cell sites leaderboard

Filed under: CARRIERS - May 15 2023

As of 9/12/23 – current changes highlighted below:

This chart will be regularly updated to show the Reno area wireless carrier’s number of active cell sites, sites under construction and sites in the planning or permitting process. The chart also includes small cell (SC) sites and outdoor distributed antennas systems.

Wireless CarrierMacros ActiveMacros U.C.Macros P/PSC ActiveSC U.C.SC P/P
Dish Wireless4212000
Legend: U.C. = Under Construction, P/P = Planning/Permitting (activity within past 2 years), SC = Small Cell/oDAS

Upgraded 5G+/UW/UC midband sites

Upgraded 5G midband macro sites with 5G+ (AT&T n77), Ultra Wideband “5GUW” (Verizon n77) or Ultra Capacity “5GUC” (T-Mobile n41). These sites have much more bandwidth enabling more simultaneous users and data speed availability of 1 Gbps or more. These sites also allow home internet Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to be offered in the area.

Wireless CarrierActive/U.C. vs Total MacrosP/P
AT&T0 / 6021
T-Mobile46 / 654
Verizon18 / 8039
Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) panel antennas noted above with the red arrows, are used with midband frequencies and high bandwidth to help allow more simultaneous users and data speeds of 1 Gbps or more.

Data used for these tables is derived from on-location cell site observations, user reports and public records.

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