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Reno wireless cell sites leaderboard

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As of 5/31/23:

This chart will be regularly updated to show the Reno area wireless carrier’s number of active cell sites, sites under construction and sites in the planning or permitting process. The chart also includes small cell (SC) sites and outdoor distributed antennas systems.

Wireless CarrierMacros ActiveMacros U.C.Macros P/PSC ActiveSC U.C.SC P/P
Dish Wireless3924000
Legend: U.C. = Under Construction, P/P = Planning/Permitting, SC = Small Cell/oDAS

Upgraded 5G+/UW/UC midband sites

Upgraded 5G midband macro sites with 5G+ (AT&T n77), Ultra Wideband “UW” (Verizon n77) or Ultra Capacity “UC” (T-Mobile n41). These sites have much more bandwidth enabling more simultaneous users and data speed availability of 1 Gbps or more. These sites also allow home internet Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to be offered in the area.

Wireless CarrierActive vs Total MacrosU.C.P/P
AT&T0 / 60020
T-Mobile45 / 64110
Verizon13 / 79141
Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) panel antennas noted above with the red arrows, are used with midband frequencies and high bandwidth to help allow more simultaneous users and data speeds of 1 Gbps or more.

Data used for these tables is derived from on-location cell site observations, user reports and public records.

2017 Year in Review: Verizon adds 5 new sites, all carriers updating antennas

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The year 2017 ended with Verizon continuing to add cell sites in the Reno area. Meanwhile all carriers have updated their antennas in the past year to help improve signals and coverage area.

Verizon Wireless added 4 new cell sites in the Reno area, and an additional site was nearing completion at the end of the year. The sites include:

  • I-580 & W Huffaker Ln.
  • ArrowCreek subdivision in suburban southwest Reno
  • Sky Tavern ski resort
  • S Virginia & Wells Ave – replacing a lower-elevation site across the street
  • (Nearing completion) Mt Rose Hwy (SR 431) near Mountain Ranch Rd.

All carriers have been replacing antennas on existing cell sites. The new antennas support additional frequencies and add multiple-antenna technologies that work with most newer smartphones.

A look ahead into 2018 currently shows a slowing of new cell site construction activity:

  • A new T-Mobile cell site is currently under construction at Vista Blvd & Los Altos Pkwy in Sparks
  • Two new Verizon cell sites have been approved for construction in Reno/Sparks.