T-Mobile Dead Zones

  • Indoors in various areas throughout Reno/Sparks.

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10 Responses to “T-Mobile Dead Zones”

  1. Jennifer said,

    I like t mobile frustrated that the two places i am the most dont have service… home and work… Village Green Parkway(cuaghlin Ranch area) and in Galena(wedge parkway). are there any new towers going in either of these locations?

  2. Admin said,

    You shouldn’t have any problems on Village Green Pkwy since there is a T-Mobile cell site in the nearby Scolari’s shopping center. I haven’t heard of any new sites planned for the Galena/Wedge Pkwy area.

  3. Jennifer said,

    Strange that the tower is in the Scolari’s shopping center… my calls drop off and i only have one bar 99% of the time… sure hope one goes up in Galena

  4. Kyle said,

    Little to no signal inside the Coconut Bowl amusement center next to Wild Island. No dropped calls yet, but some audio dropouts during calls on McCarran Blvd between Mira Loma and Mill St. (weak signal).

  5. Jeff said,

    Submit T-Mobile coverage problems on our map at http://deadcellzones.com/t-mobile.html

  6. jack said,

    W. Plumb and Sharon, at Jessie Beck Elementary and the church building behind on Sharon and Golconda.

  7. Bruce said,

    wondering about phone service at Grand Sierra Resort?

  8. Admin said,

    All carriers will work pretty well outside the resort. If you’re wondering about ground-level in-building coverage, based on proximity to the closest cell sites, T-Mobile is probably the worst, AT&T is best.

  9. Valerie said,

    Completely dead – no coverage at all at my house on Mineral Flat Rd. in Antelope Valley.
    The map says there should be full coverage there, but it’s dead as doornail there.
    I rely 100% on wifi to get a voice call out.

  10. Admin said,

    I’ve personally verified weak T-Mobile 5G coverage in that area when line-of-sight to Slide Mountain. However your best bet in that area is Verizon or AT&T, both have a cell site on Warm Springs Mountain.

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