Verizon Wireless Dead Zones

  • Mt. Rose Hwy in the area of Galena High School and residential areas immediately to the west of the school – Fixed in 2018
  • Mt. Rose Hwy in the area of Joy Lake Road / Montreux Golf Club – Fixed in 2018

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16 Responses to “Verizon Wireless Dead Zones”

  1. Barbra said,

    North Virginia between McCarran and Panther. I can drop a call 3 times in about 2 miles.

  2. Randy Rasley said,

    Sparks, nevada, right in the middle of town–N. Rock Blvd. from Prater way north to McCarran, and east to Pyramid way. also Los Altos from Sparks Blvd. east to Vista Blvd.

  3. Ian said,

    There’s a major dead zone at the following areas:
    1. Hunter lake to Virginia Street, south of Plumb Lane.
    2. All of Squaw Valley, USA

  4. Jan said,

    Between Sunbeam Lane and Pagni…major dead zone.

  5. Jim said,

    verizon turned up a new site (fake tree) in glenbrook. check it out.

  6. A.R. said,

    On North McCarran between Sutro St. and Clear Acre Lane. My calls are usually dropped mid-conversation when driving through that area.

  7. steve said,

    just got the new blackberry storm….only to find that Verizon is a big dead zone in the kingsbury grade area of south lake tahoe NV. all the greatest technology…and no way to use it. We can put men on the moon, get 300+ tv channels, pay over $4 for a gallon of gas…and we still have DEAD ZONES??

  8. Jeff said,

    We have a map for that. Submit your Verizon coverage problems on our map at

  9. SierraTech said,

    There is a dead zone at the bottom of 431 East of the Lodge at Galina and Galina Forest turn off Douglas Fir. It gets better as you approach Thomas Creek Road. About 1/2 way up the mountain the signal comes and goes, very poor coverage. The old AT&T PCS use to work flawlessly 2/3 way up the mountain around the year of 2002.

  10. debo90 said,

    I just switched to Verizon (from Sprint) and can’t believe how poor the coverage is in comparison. Going back to Sprint next week.

  11. Robert Ternan said,

    Which company has the best coverage in Montreux,Reno Nevada?

  12. Admin said,

    AT&T has a low frequency (700/800 Mhz) cell site at the NDF Galena Fire Station, which generally provides better indoor coverage than high frequency (1700 Mhz+) cell sites. T-Mobile has a high frequency cell site at the same location as AT&T’s. Sprint has a cell site at the water tower above Timberline Rd operating in the high frequency range. So I would say it’s a toss-up between AT&T and Sprint.

  13. Peter Lengyel said,

    Not getting any Verizon(4GLTE) coverage at Golden Eagle Athletic Complex in Sparks/Vista Blvd.

  14. Loretta Raso said,

    Cant make or receive calls at keystone and 7th st Reno,NV

  15. Admin said,

    Verizon shut down the 3G service on the cell site located at Keystone & 7th in 2018 in order to dedicate more 800 Mhz bandwidth to 4G LTE. All other sites will be shut down by the end of 2019. See the following link for more information:

  16. DBaughman said,

    Why is the cell service so bad in the Ranch Haven area?

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