Cell Site Locations & Coverage Maps

Wireless phones work by sending and receiving radio signals to a nearby cell site. Obstacles such as buildings and trees interfere with the signals. Generally the closer your phone is to a cell site, the better your chances are to being able to make and receive calls without being cut off. If you will be using your phone inside large buildings, it is beneficial to choose a wireless provider that has cell sites near the buildings that you will be most using your phone.

Most carrier’s published coverage maps show general, regional coverage areas. Click below to show maps of specific cell site locations. Cell site locations have been obtained from personal research using drive tests and from publicly available government information. This website’s author assumes no liability from the information provided, and do not guarantee its current completeness or accuracy.

The list below is in order of number of known cell sites serving areas within the Reno/Sparks city limits.

Verizon Wireless network (68 sites)Cell Site Maps | Carrier’s Published Coverage Map
AT&T network (49 sites)Cell Site Maps | Carrier’s Published Coverage Map
T-Mobile network (46 sites)Cell Site Maps | Carrier’s Published Coverage Map
Sprint network (38 sites)Cell Site Maps | Carrier’s Published Coverage Map

Recent updates:

  • 8/31/20: New Verizon cell site near La Posada Dr & Cielo Vista Dr on the east side of Spanish Springs valley.
  • 8/13/20: New AT&T cell site near Hwy 395 and Golden Valley Drive.
  • 3/4/20: New Verizon cell site at the Caughlin Ranch center improving coverage along the McCarran Blvd corridor from Cashill Blvd to Manzanita Ln.
  • 12/18/19: New Verizon cell site near Lillard Drive & Brierley Way in Sparks – co-located on a monopole with AT&T
  • 9/23/19: New Verizon cell site near Valley Rd & Timber Way.
  • 9/12/19: New Sprint cell site near the JCPenney distribution warehouse in Stead – co-located on monopole with AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • 9/5/19: New Verizon cell site near the southern edge of Hidden Valley Country Club.
  • 8/1/19: New Verizon cell site near Veterans Pkwy & Steamboat Pkwy.
  • 5/16/19: New Sprint cell site co-location near Stoker & I-80.
  • 12/14/18: Newly discovered AT&T site on the east end of Trademark Drive – near South Meadows Pkwy and Wilbur May Pkwy.
  • 11/13/18: New Verizon Wireless monopine at the NDF Galena fire station.
  • 8/13/18: 4 new Verizon cell sites that are either active or imminently active. The sites include: S. Virginia & Gentry, Vassar & Yori, Wedge Pkwy near Mt. Rose Hwy, and Cold Springs.
  • 7/24/18: New T-Mobile cell site at Vista Blvd & Los Altos Parkway in Sparks.