Other Wireless Resources

Wireless Providers Website Links:

Verizon Wireless

Prepaid resellers:

Boost Mobile (uses Nextel network)
CallPlus (uses Cingular TDMA network)
TracFone Nationwide Prepaid Wireless (uses Verizon Wireless network)
Virgin Mobile (uses Sprint PCS network)

Other Wireless Information Links:

Similar websites for other areas:
Western U.S.:
Mountain Wireless – Comparisons of Western US Wireless carriers for most major metro areas – compare prices, coverage, features and more
British Columbia, Canada:
Ryans Wireless Info Site – Local and general information, mostly on CDMA carriers.
SCVWireless – Santa Clarita Valley photos and maps of Cingular cell sites.
sfocellsite’s Home Page – Detailed Google maps of AT&T/Cingular cellsites in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Cingular cell IDs of The West Coast – Selected cell site ID numbers for Cingular CA/NV (mainly SF Bay Area, and Reno/Tahoe)
Cell Sites of Santa Cruz County – Detailed map and cell site pictures – outdated
Telecomm Sites in Davis California – Map and pictures of telecommunication sites in Davis, California
Wireless-Florida – Florida wireless provider comparisons and discussion forums
SE Wireless Info/Atlanta Wireless Guide – Extensive comparison and coverage information for Atlanta metro area
cellulartower.com – Pete’s Boston Area Site for Digital Wireless Communications – mostly cell site pictures
New England:
Cell Service in New England – Price & Coverage Information for New Hampshire/New England wireless carriers
New England Cellular Sites :: Mike’s Cell Tower [Web] Site – A new website with lots of pictures and frequent updates.
New Jersey:
New Jersey Cell Sites – A new website showing a few cell sites with lots of location details (pictures and maps).
Ontario, Canada:
Steve’s Toronto Area Cellular/PCS Site Guide – Ontario, Canada Cell site Maps, Pictures, Phone Reviews & Wireless Info.
Cell Phone Information – Pacific Northwest – Carrier and technology information for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
Pennsylvania Tower Locations & Control Channels – Similar to this web site for areas of Pennsylvania

telebeans.org: Virginia telecom stuff – Pictures and technical information on telecommunications facilities around Virginia, lots of interesting links

Stirling’s Page – Australia Cellsite Photos & Info.
New Zealand:
New Zealand Cell Sites – A new website with a few pictures, but lots of maps and cell site specific information.
United Kingdom:
Mike P’s UK GSM & UMTS pages – United Kingdom cell site photos and information
Andy’s Mobile Pages – United Kingdom cell site photos and information

Non-Commercial Informational Sites:
hearusnow.org: Wireless Services – The Consumers Union’s new informational website.
TK.COM – Wireless – Comprehensive website describing the Cellular/PCS and SMR band plans.
Cellular FAQs – Comprehensive information about cellular/PCS from the FCC
What you should know about wireless phone service (pdf document) – A brochure from the FCC
Cell Phone Facts – Consumer Information on Wireless Phones (Information Provided By: FDA and FCC)
Privateline.com – Comprehensive writings about wireless and telephone technologies
Cellular/PCS Spectrum License Databases & Maps – Information compiled by Andrew Shepherd
Cellular Discussion Groups (Via Google Groups) – Since discussion groups are not regulated – sometimes they have useful information and commentary, and sometimes they are profane.
Cell Phone Reviews and Free Cell Phone Information from Cell Phones.org – The latest cell phone and industry news, as well as carrier reviews.

Commercial Informational Sites:
CellCoverage.com – A website to report poor wireless cell coverage. Operated by a tower leasing company who is working with the wireless carriers to report and solve coverage problems.
How Cell Phones Work – From HowStuffWorks.com
Dead Cell Zones.com – List of some wireless dead zones in major metropolitan areas
Cell Phone Reception Search – Cell phone reception reports (good and bad) from user reports throughout the U.S.
HowardChui.com – Wireless Info. & Forums
WirelessAdvisor.com – Wireless Info. & Forums
Cell Phone Forums – Your Cell Phone Source – Wireless Info. & Forums
Phone Scoop – Wireless Phone Information
About Cellular Phones – Lots of links to information about buying cellular phones and plans
GeckoBeach: The Cellular Phone Resource Site – Canadian website
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Cellular Phone Service at Epinions.com – Brief user opinions from areas all over the country
Tower Maps – Wireless Co-location Tower, Rooftop and Billboard Cell Site GIS and Maps – Comprehensive database of site lease information
SteelintheAir- Cell Tower Lease Consulting and Due Diligence – If you’ve been approached by a wireless or tower company, a good resource of information about leasing your property.
Nevada Microwave and Tower – A local tower and wireless contractor. Interesting, detailed photos of some of their installations.
ComSites West – A west coast company that owns, operates and manages wireless communication sites.
JC&C Wireless – A blog with information about AT&T plans and information by local retailer JC&C Wireless.
AntennaSearch.com – A web site that will scan various government databses for current and future tower and antenna location information based on user input, and display all results within an 8 mile radius on Google Maps.
Cell Tower Attorney – Provides legal services to landowners, both public and private regarding all legal issues involving cell tower leases.


The Cell Phone Junkie – A weekly podcast covering cell phone news, devices, software are listener Q&A.

Mobility Today – A weekly podcast with a variety of guests covering the latest opinions on mobile news and devices.

T4 Show – A technology and wireless podcast covering a variety of topics and interviews with industry professionals.

Dialed In – CNET’s weekly wireless news and device podcast.

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