AT&T 3G maps for Reno/Tahoe/Carson area online

Filed under: at&t - Nov 19 2007

As reported a few weeks ago, phones on the AT&T network in the Reno area are now showing 3G data coverage.

AT&T has now posted PDF maps showing 3G coverage in the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City areas.

Reno/Sparks map

Reno/Tahoe region map

Carson City/Carson Valley/Dayton map

3G coverage is now shown as an overlay on top of their regular coverage map.

2 Responses to “AT&T 3G maps for Reno/Tahoe/Carson area online”

  1. Ron Silver said,

    The Att Carson City/Carson Valley/ Dayton map gives an error page can not be found

  2. Admin said,

    It looks like AT&T has taken down the PDF files and now just overlays the 3G coverage on their regular coverage viewer maps

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