Need improved reception in your home? Try a femtocell

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Edit 4/4/10: The AT&T 3G MicroCell will be available for sale in Reno on April 5. See their website for more info.

AT&T is expected to make their 3G MicroCell available this month to customers in the Reno area. The device is a femtocell – a small device that connects to a broadband internet connection and improves cell phone reception to a limited area, such as a home. Brian Klug has posted a very detailed article on Anandtech about femtocell’s that are now available through all 4 U.S. major cell carriers. Read the full article here.

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  1. Dan said,

    Why doesn’t AT&T just build more cell cites???? Customers spend good money already on wireless service that should work perfectly whether at home or away from home!!! How much money is enough to spend on good service?? This is just a way for AT&T not to build more cell cites.

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