Verizon Wireless adds new cell site in south Reno

Filed under: New Cell Site Active,Verizon Wireless - Dec 29 2011

Verizon Wireless recently added a new cell site behind Wal-Mart on Damonte Ranch Parkway in south Reno. The site is co-located on a monopole with antennas for T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, Clearwire and AT&T Wireless.

3 Responses to “Verizon Wireless adds new cell site in south Reno”

  1. Dan said,

    I have heard someone say in an earlier post. There has not been good signal coverage because this tower is not tall enough in order to serve customers east of the highway 395 due to the height of the freeway itself, resulting in poor coverage. I think the owner of that tower should erect a much taller tower in order to accommodate the extra providers.

  2. Admin said,

    The Verizon antennas may be just high enough to see over the freeway. AT&T (bottom antennas) definately has coverage blocked east of the freeway.

  3. Dan said,

    Someone should tell AT&T about this.

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