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AT&T set to improve coverage in Damonte Ranch and Zolezzi area

Filed under: at&t - Oct 15 2007

After many coverage complaints and delays, AT&T is finally set to improve coverage in the Damonte Ranch and Zolezzi Lane area. Antennas for an AT&T cell site were approved last week which are to be located on the existing 80-foot monopole behind Wal-Mart on Damonte Ranch Parkway.

The location currently has antennas for Cricket, Clearwire and Sprint PCS.

Improved AT&T coverage north of Reno near Hwy 395/Hwy 70

Filed under: at&t,New Cell Site Active - Aug 31 2007

It was recently confirmed that Edge Wireless, an AT&T affiliate, has co-located a cell-site near the intersection of Hwy 395 and Highway 70 north of Reno. This intersection is also referred to as Hallelujah Junction. Earlier this year antennas were co-located on an existing monopole that provides Verizon coverage in the area. This new Edge Wireless cell site provides AT&T customers roaming coverage in a previous dead zone around the area.

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AT&T cell site across from Grand Sierra Resort moved once again

Filed under: at&t - Aug 12 2007

AT&T cell site across from Grand Sierra ResortThe AT&T cell site across from the Grand Sierra Resort has been moved once again. Earlier this year the site was moved a few hundred yards west to make room for a new Wal-Mart that will be constructed on the site. In the past few days a new pole has been placed atop a billboard on the property next to Hwy395, and additional antennas have been installed vertically on the pole.

In the picture you can see the temporary and permanent antenna structures. The top of the temporary antennas are even with the bottom of the billboard, and just to the left of it – barely “seeing” above the freeway structure. The new, permanent pole extends above the top of the billboard. With the added height and additional antennas, this site should also increase coverage inside Renown Medical Center’s new expansion.

(Photo taken with Treo650).

Submit dead zone / drop-out areas

I have just completed the “Dead Zone” pages that lists previously reported dead zone and drop-out areas. More importantly, anyone can now submit their own experiences with dead zones or drop-outs via our online form. See the Dead Zone link at the top of the page.

To prevent spam all submissions are moderated, but should appear on the web site within 24 hours.

Thank you for your participation. With the help of user reports, hopefully the wireless carriers will act quickly on this information and fill coverage holes where needed.

at&t cell site near Grand Sierra Resort moved

Filed under: at&t - Apr 27 2007

The at&t cell site just north of the Grand Sierra resort has been moved a few hundred yards to the west, next to the freeway. Wal-Mart plans to construct a new store on the property, and for the last few months the at&t cell site has been the only building left standing on the property.

at&t/Cingular roaming coverage dropped then reinstated

Filed under: at&t,T-Mobile - Apr 18 2007

In areas of South Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood CA, at&t/Cingular dropped roaming coverage – then added it back – in the past week. Roaming in that area is courtesy of coverage provided by T-Mobile. This forum post (registration required) on Cingular’s forums shows how customers were able to voice their concerns with Cingular and get roaming coverage reinstated.

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