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New Verizon Cell Site on University of Nevada, Reno campus

Filed under: New Cell Site Active,Verizon Wireless - Apr 19 2012

Verizon Wireless has recently installed a new cell site on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. The cell site is located atop the William J. Raggio / College of Education Building.

Verizon Wireless University of Nevada, Reno cell site - William J. Raggio Building

AT&T adds new cell site in east Sparks

Filed under: at&t,New Cell Site Active - Jan 03 2012

AT&T recently added a new cell site near the intersection of Vista Boulevard and Interstate 80 in east Sparks. Since the nearest T-Mobile cell site covering this area is over 2 miles away, it was previously reported that this cell site was a T-Mobile site.¬†However it has now been discovered that it is an AT&T site – just 6/10 of a mile southeast of another AT&T cell site also in Sparks’ industrial area.


Verizon Wireless adds new cell site in south Reno

Filed under: New Cell Site Active,Verizon Wireless - Dec 29 2011

Verizon Wireless recently added a new cell site behind Wal-Mart on Damonte Ranch Parkway in south Reno. The site is co-located on a monopole with antennas for T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, Clearwire and AT&T Wireless.

Verizon Wireless turns on new cell site at Washoe Tennis Center in southwest Reno

Filed under: CARRIERS,New Cell Site Active,Verizon Wireless - Jan 31 2011

Verizon Wireless has turned on a new cell site at the Washoe Tennis Center near Moana Lane and Plumas Street with the tower disguised as a pine tree.

AT&T adds 3 new cell sites in Sparks/Spanish Springs

Filed under: at&t,New Cell Site Active - Sep 16 2010

AT&T has recently turned on 2 new cell sites in Sparks, and will be turning on a third soon.

The first cell site went active on approximately September 1 near the northwest corner of McCarran and Prater way. The cell site’s antennas are disguised in a fake pine tree. CID 6117x

The following week another site went active in Spanish Springs, with antennas located in a flagpole at Vista Blvd and Los Altos Parkway. CID 6105x.

A third site is still under construction above the Summit Church at 7075 Pyramid Lake Highway and Golden View Drive. The antennas are disguised behind a fake rock wall.

AT&T turns on new cell site covering Somersett

Filed under: at&t,New Cell Site Active - Aug 09 2010

AT&T recently turned on a new cell site covering the Somersett area of Northwest Reno. AT&T is the last wireless carrier to provide coverage to the area from a co-location facility off of Chalk Ridge Court. The cell site is only a 2G/EDGE site at this time. CID 6131x

New T-Mobile cell site at Village Shopping Center

Filed under: CARRIERS,New Cell Site Active,T-Mobile - Mar 06 2009

A new T-Mobile cell site is on-the-air located near Reno High School, in the Village Shopping Center on California Avenue. CID 4358x. The picture below shows the antenna structure under construction in January.

T-Mobile - Village Shopping Ctr

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New cell site in east Spanish Springs improves coverage for T-Mobile and Cricket

Filed under: CARRIERS,Cricket,New Cell Site Active,T-Mobile - Feb 18 2009

A new monopole cell site was recently constructed on the eastern edge of Spanish Springs with antennas for T-Mobile and Cricket improving coverage in the area. Both carriers also have 2 other cell sites serving the Spanish Springs valley.

T-Mobile & Cricket monopole in east Spanish SpringsT-Mobile antennas (top) and Cricket antennas

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New T-Mobile cell site active near West 4th Street & Summit Ridge Drive

Filed under: New Cell Site Active,T-Mobile - Dec 26 2008

T-mobile has completed a new cell site, located on the property of Reno Auto & Truck Wrecking on West 4th Street near Summit Ridge Drive. CID 4357x. This new site is very close to 2 other sites and provides overlapping coverage to neighborhoods west of downtown Reno.

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New Cricket cell site active in South Meadows

Filed under: Cricket,New Cell Site Active - Dec 20 2008

A new Cricket cell site is active in the South Meadows area near the intersection of South Meadows Parkway and Wilbur May Parkway. The new cell site was co-located on an existing monopole that also has antennas for T-Mobile, Nextel and Clearwire.

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